Developing a collaborative delta robot!

We make it simple and attractive to implement our robot in your production line.

We emphasize focus on offering our customers a short return on investment and providing a collaborative solution that is simple, reliable, and easy to program and operate. We aim for high collaborative speed, nowhere seen in the current market, making it the preferred option for collaborative pick-and-place applications. Our robot is designed to be small and lightweight, therefore easy to move elsewhere in production. 

The 4-arm configuration provides a large working area and a rotational 4th axis making it suitable for more applications.

We provide easy integration with cameras and PLC’s, simple and intuitive programming, thereby removing commonly seen complexity and adding simplicity and flexibility.

Preliminary specifications

Collaborative Speed: 1 m/s

Picks per minute: Task dependent

Payload rated: 1.0kg

Repeatability: Better then ±0.5mm according to ISO 9283

Rotation: TBD

IP rating: Minimum IP54

Operational temp. 0 to 45C°

Humidity range: Maximum 90% (non-condensation)

Noise: Below 75dB(A)

Robot weight: Below 35kg

Working range: Task dependent

Safety standards: EN ISO 13849-1, PLd Cat 3 and EN ISO 10218-1

Preliminary features

Programming: Simple and intuitive

Integration: Easy integration of cameras

Robot control: 4X-interfase via tablet

Setup: Stand-alone or part of production line

We contribute to a healthier work environment and increase the competitiveness of companies through more accessible automation solutions

Career opportunities

We will consider unsolicited applications from applicants

with specialized skills. Feel free to contact us.

Michael Nielsen

+45 22 56 90 17

Kim Rasmussen

+45 24 59 10 92

Sale - Horticulture
Jacob Sørensen

+45 23 23 84 82

Commercial Project Manager
Michelle Thomsen

+45 31 22 38 32

Product & Support Manager
Per Londin Nielsen

+45 31 43 60 75

Mechanical Engineer
Lars Vest Hansen

+45 41 11 00 76

Lead Software Developer
Alexander Dupond Larsen
Lead Software Developer
Oliver Viborg Hauschildt
Senior Software Developer
Morten Kühnrich

Software Developer
Rasmus Klitgaard

Robotic Software Developer
Kenneth Larsen

Firmware Engineer

Jeppe H. Østergaard

Office assistance

Annette Pedersen
External consultant
Jens Cortsen

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